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This website was created within a cooperation between Czech and Croatian Local Action Groups (LAGs).

Trip to the Croatian LAGs

The foreign excursion will focus in particular on cooperation between small economic operators in organizing joint work processes, implementing co-operation activities in the framework of the local development strategy on agricultural productivity and sustainability.
One of the purposes of the trip is to find ways to start pilot projects of international cooperation. 

Participants and presentation

Listed below are all czech participants and their possible areas of cooperation. Presentations of Czech participants in English are available for download below.
Agriculture, tourist development, regional products, exchange of experience in LEADER/CLLD
According to the possibilities
Regional products, processing and promotion
Environment, rural development, education of young people
Regional products, tourism
Local energy self-sufficiency
Exchange of experience in CLLD, Erasmus, Social inclusion and its application to educational activities, effects of migration wave on regional patriotism, education and educational process with regional specifics, supporting regional producers and promoting their products
Local products, environment, water retention in the landscape, modern technology, smart solutions in the countryside
Local production, education in the countryside, relationship to landscape
Climate change, rural development
Administration of money from operational programs, projects in the field of education, cooperation with schools, cooperation with non-profit organizations, activities of information centers, publishing a local newsletter
Gastronomy, regional products
Production and promotion of regional products and their marketing, sharing of experience in agriculture, education, social affairs, water retention, rural environment, agricultural sector development, presentation of successful projects and the establishment of future cooperation
Support of local economy, public-private cooperation, developmnent of education
LAGs in Czech republic

The National Network of Local Action Groups in the Czech Republic civic association (NN LAG CR) was founded at the beginning of April 2007, while the network itself had been established as early as in November 2005 as a informal grouping of Local Action Groups called “The National Rural Development Network”. 

The objective of the NN LAG CR is first and foremost to support the activities of Local Action Groups, to promote their cooperation and transfer of experience.


LAGs in European Union
LAGs in Republic of Croatia


Czech side

LAG Sdružení SPLAV

Kristina Garrido Holmová
e-mail: kristina@sdruzenisplav.cz
tel.: +420 603383527

Croatian side

Will be added soon.